Water Purification

Water covers 71% of the earth’s surface, yet less than 1% is available as fresh water. Just as water is recycled and purified in nature, it can be treated in man-made systems to remove unwanted contaminants, including odors, colors, and tastes. Oxbow Activated Carbon products adsorb soluble chemical contaminants and remove particulates from drinking water, waste water, process water, point of use or point of entry systems, and aquariums.


The aquarium market includes home aquariums, large commercial aquariums, and aquatic displays. Oxbow Activated Carbon is the market leader in providing products to remove and reduce unwanted chemicals, color, and toxins that can build up in the water.

Drinking Water

Drinking water must often be treated to make potable (safe to drink). Oxbow Activated Carbon products are highly effective in removing chemicals, toxins, and compounds that cause taste and odor problems.


Point-of-entry (household) and point-of-use (refrigerator dispenser or kitchen faucet) describe how potable water is delivered. Oxbow Activated Carbon products are widely used as the primary adsorbent filter media in both POU and POE treatment devices.

Process Water

Process water is a broad term covering many applications in which water is used in processing or is part of the end product. Oxbow Activated Carbon products are an excellent option for chemical and compound treatment and removal.

Waste Water

Waste water must be treated before being released into our waterways or reused in commercial and industrial processes. Oxbow Activated Carbon products reduce organic and non-biodegradable contaminants to acceptable environmental standards.