Oxbow Activated Carbon offers products used in the automotive industry for evaporative emission control. Special, highly mesoporous activated carbon is used in canisters mounted within the vehicle to adsorb fuel emissions when the vehicle is turned off and to recover fuel when the vehicle is restarted. OxPureâ„¢ activated carbon with very high surface area are used for cabin air filters to adsorb many odors and chemicals in order to maintain a healthy atmosphere in the vehicle.

Cabin Air Filters

Automotive cabin air filters purify air to reduce odors using either GAC or activated air filter pads that can be replaced as needed. Coconut shell activated carbon's mechanical hardness and high microporosity make it a common choice.

Evaporative Emission Control Canisters

The activated carbon used for automotive evaporative emission control canisters features low density and high mesopore volume. This combination enables consistent adsorption and release of gasoline vapors in the fuel system.


In the ultracapacitor (ELDC) application, activated carbon with specific powder particle sizing, high activity, and high purity increases battery performance capabilities. Oxbow Activated Carbon meets and exceeds high ELDC standards.